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It lasts for a little longer in moist environments.

This means in the case of sweaty yoga mats, the virus can last on the object for a little longer.

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But other experts argue it is completely impossible for it to be passed on through touching objects.

The Herpes Viruses Association says on its website: 'The virus is caught from the skin, not from objects.

The three-dose injection, administered over six months, was deemed the most promising formula ever created to target HSV2, the strain that causes infectious genital warts.

No experimental jab had ever achieved strong or consistent results in a clinical trial.

HSV-2 is usually transmitted sexually and can increase the risk of catching and spreading HIV, which leads to AIDS.

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The formula has provided powerful protection in guinea pig and money models at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine.

Evidence shows that outside of the body, the virus dies after just a few seconds.

It's probably the last place you expect to catch herpes.

But dirty yoga mats can carry the highly contagious virus, which can cause cold sores around the mouth, an expert has warned.

He added: 'You don’t know how frequently those yoga mats are being cleaned between classes, and you can cut out the guesswork by just bringing your own.