Did katherine heigl dating jason behr

Their daughter Liberty was born later that year – seven weeks premature and weighing only 3lb.

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One of them claimed in the papers that he was a four-times-a-night lover.Some of his flings were well known – such as model Rachel Hunter whom he seduced after meeting in 2001 at a sports awards.His children are still young – Liberty is eight and Zach just four.While there might be a melancholy atmosphere behind doors at their mansion in Worsley, which features a glass tower and an indoor pool, complete with a Welsh Dragon design on the tiles, perhaps it’s not the end for Ryan and Stacey.Six months after the show, she had separated from Mc Fadden.

Her last reality show for MTV – about her bipolar disorder – was dropped after the audience fell to just 19,000.

You would hardly have known that a bombshell had just been detonated under her pretty nose – that her husband was being accused of having a six-month fling with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas. Well, while the rest of us may think of Ryan Giggs in terms of his public image – as a successful footballer who has been impeccably loyal to Manchester United and so on – it seems that his wife might have long suspected that there is another, darker side to him.

Indeed the Imogen Thomas brouhaha is by no means the first time that she has had cause to believe her husband has not been faithful.

Then Stacey became pregnant, and Caroline was history.

One patch of the city – off Peter Street – became known as Giggsy’s Corner in honour of the rumours that this was where he liked to bring girls when they were courting.

He was seen driving to their home to pick up their daughter and spend time with her, and Stacey confirmed that he had indeed moved out of the house.