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Gilbert Gidel, as Counsel and Advocate, on behalf of Norway.[10] At the conclusion of the respective statements, the Parties Agents presented the submissions of the Governments represented by them as follows : M.

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[11] In the Danish Case, the Danish Government, in conformity with Article 40 of the Rules of Court, asks, as stated in the Application, for judgment to the effect that "the promulgation of the declaration of occupation above mentioned and any steps taken in this connection by the Norwegian Government constitute a violation of the existing legal situation and are accordingly unlawful and invalid".[12] Under the same Article of the Rules of Court, the Norwegian Government, in its Counter-Case, asks for judgment to the effect that "Denmark has no sovereignty over Eirik Raudes Land; Norway has acquired the sovereignty over Eirik Raudes Land; The Danish Government should bear the costs incurred by the Norwegian Government in this case".This is a point, however, which in view of the conclusions reached by the Court need not be pursued.[18] Greenland, which extends from latitude 59 46' to 83 39' N.[7] The Danish Government, in its Reply, repeats the sub-missions made in its Case, but also prays the Court to reject the submission made in the Norwegian Counter-Case and to adjudge "that the Norwegian.

Government shall bear the costs incurred by the Danish Government in this case".

Bg, as Advocate, Gustav Rasmussen, as Deputy-Advocate, M. Charles de Visscher, as Advocate and Counsel, on behalf of Denmark, and MM.

Per Rygh and Arne Sunde, Agents and Counsel, and by M.

[22] In 1380, the kingdoms of Norway and Denmark were united under the same Crown; the character of this union, which lasted until 1814, changed to some extent in the course of time, more particularly as a result of the centralization at Copenhagen of the administration of the various countries which were under the sovereignty of the Dano-Norwegian Crown.

This evolution seems to have obliterated to some extent the separation which had existed between them from a constitutional standpoint.

*** [15] According to the royal Norwegian proclamation of July 10th, 1931, which gave rise to the present dispute, the "country" the "taking possession" of which "is officially confirmed" and which is "placed under Norwegian sovereignty" is "situated between Carlsberg Fjord on the South and Bessel Fjord on the North, in Eastern Greenland", and extends from latitude 71 30' to 75 40' N.