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The associated antenna farm, with 1000 feet of separation between antennas, required acres of land.

The installation was used for commercial sending and receiving world-wide radiograms.

Beverage and Peterson, while working at Riverhead, NY, installed the first space diversity stations for reliable, long-distance communication.

Diversity receiving equipment utilizes two or more receivers connected together at the second detectors and AVC lines.

The receiver inputs are from widely separated antennas.

More tests showed that different fading occurred with as little as three hundred feet of separation of the receiving antennas.

Beverage and Peterson first connected strip-chart recorders to a combination of three antennas and three receivers.

As the signals passed through the receivers, the various phases at the RF frequency maintained their out of phase relationship until they were converted to audio signals at the second detector.

The process of detection eliminated the RF out of phase nature of the signals since now the signal information was at an audio frequency.As signals fade down to the noise level much of the information being transmitted is lost until the signal level increases above the noise again.Sometimes deep fades will last for half a minute or more, causing program interruption or important messages to be lost.A large multiple antenna should capture more wave angles and reduce fading. The delay of the longer path signals would sometimes cause multiple phases of the signal to occur on a single antenna.Sometimes the phase differences would add resulting in stronger signals and sometimes the phases would cancel causing a drop in signal strength.The outputs were routed to a main office in New York City where operators would copy the strip tapes, decoding the messages.