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And when I went out on weekends to the bars and clubs, it was absolute Sometimes I did try to approach (usually after consuming large quantities of alcohol).

It never really turned into the "disaster" I'd imagined in my head -- it's not like I ever got slapped, or had a drink thrown in my face... That feeling of helplessness; that no matter how hard you try, women simply are repelled by you. I was now living in another big city, which also had a major nightlife scene.

I'd introduce myself, we would chit-chat for a few minutes, maybe I'd buy her a drink or two, and then...things just normally ran out of steam. Nothing changed: I was still struggling to get laid because these environments were also filled with young, good-looking guys who were in better shape than me, drove nicer cars, and had more "game." Intensely depressed, I was on the verge of suicide: Late one night, after spending several frustrating hours at some crowded, smoky nightclub -- trying to talk to women over ear-splitting music -- I was drowning my sorrows at the bar across the street when I noticed a dude standing next to me.

As hard as I tried, I could never figure a way to keep it going... All I knew was, these four Playboy Magazine-level chicks looked like they were ready to tear each others hair out to go home with him that very night!

--- which are still rapidly piling up as I'm sitting here writing this (We've kept this "stuff" tightly under wraps until now.).", because pretty soon you'll be hearing A LOT about it from every nook and corner of the Internet, and when you're completely obsessed by the results you'll be getting just from using this material alone, you'll be begging to register for our mastery advanced classes, "secret archives" and joining our "underground" community then. I truly want to help people experience the kind of success these guys have enjoyedcall it ego.

I want AS MANY success stories as I can get this time around, and this is my way of pulling all the stops to make it happen... To download your Secrets To Approaching Women & Starting Conversations -- Advanced Level Course, just click on the button below.He then turned to the bartender and ordered a beer. and I leaned in and said to him, "Dude, I'm impressed..." We got to talking, and lo and behold... In fact, he was the youngest Hostage Negotiator ever appointed to his team. It didn't matter if she was surrounded by a group of women -- or guys!It didn't matter if she was sitting down in a restaurant, or on duty working as a waitress or bartender.It's funny to think that bars and clubs seem to be all that guys think of when they think about meeting women when it's actually one of the TOUGHEST places to succeed in.The fact of the matter is that there's a wide 'territory' out there where you are able to meet women: at the park, friend's party, gym, bookstore, shopping mall...The girls whipped out their cell phones and gave him all their numbers.