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It will be a great opportunity for all midwifery supporters to connect and learn from each other!Cambodia is at times an absurdly conservative society, especially in regard to male-female relationships.

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Cambodians women don’t even wear bikinis on the beach, preferring to swim in shorts and tee-shirts or even long pants.Topless sunbathing or skinny dipping is therefore obviously not acceptable, unless you’re really drunk or partying with the author…A wife under these circumstances is expected to be obedient and serve her husband, though she will also traditionally have control of the household finances.Divorce is extremely uncommon in Cambodia, for good or bad.The CEU sessions will be “Professional Liability Insurance 101” and “Risk Managament for Adverse Outcomes”. The theme for the Midwives Association of Florida Conference 2013 is “It Takes a Village”.

The theme speaks to the importance of each person’s role within the birthing community.Cambodian Men Many foreign women consider Khmer men to be the most attractive in Southeast Asia.In general, their features are more masculine than say, Thai or Laotian men, and they can be quite charming.Cambodian Women Cambodian women are generally disappointing.Physically, they are probably the least attractive race of women in Southeast Asia, and they do little to make up for this with their personalities.Unlike most of the rest of Asia, it is probably almost as common to see a foreign woman with a Cambodian man as it is to see a foreign man with a Cambodian woman.