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"I don't think guys like the chase, and I think they appreciate not having to play those games....

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"For his book, Birger interviewed his rabbi about the nine couples he was about to marry.Seven of them had the same story: "The men all had several options, and the women they married were the ones who pursued them most aggressively."Because there's so much competition out there, and because men find it refreshing to not have to pursue women and risk rejection, "the dating market favors aggressive women," he said.Not that you should pick up and move across the country just for that reason."If marriage is a low priority for you, probably the local gender ratios aren't going to be all that important," Birger said.You can also make smaller adjustments to where you're looking in order to find more heterosexual men, especially if you're using online dating.

"As odd as it sounds, the ratio of college grad single men to single women is generally better in the suburbs than it is in city centers," he said.

Birger joked that, for whatever reason, atheists tend to predominantly be men, so if you have anti-religion sympathies, you may look for a group of that sort.

For a less politically charged activity, sports and gaming come to mind.

Dating prospects are obviously a small factor (if one at all) in choosing a career, and the advice on college ratios is not just about finding a boyfriend, but also about getting away from hookup culture, which was more prevalent on the woman-dominated campuses he studied, if you want something more serious.

What you can do without making a drastic life decision is find activities that tend to include more men.

Due to the male-dominated tech industry, Silicon Valley provides the best dating market for women looking to meet college-educated men in the country.