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Online dating and mobile dating apps help you meet more people more efficiently. Julie Spira is America's Top Online Dating and Mobile Dating Expert.

She's the founder of Cyber Dating where she creates Irresistible Profiles for singes on the dating scene.

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Something wasn't working and they were all-ears to hear how to improve their profiles to find a meaningful relationship. When I created my first Internet dating screen name years ago, I selected "Pianobaby," because I had a baby grand piano and enjoyed playing.

Here are seven simple tips to change your profile right away to help you fill your date card by the weekend. Using this screen name caught eyes of men who liked music.

Later, I realized that when he came in before, he was with a different woman, and he was acting weird because I outed this as the spot he brings multiple women on dates.” One New Haven bartender observes several dates a night, though he usually can’t hear anything because it’s too loud.

Yet, from a distance, he can tell how a date is going, almost instantly. Or at the very least, after aggressively sipping their first to give an alibi to awkward pauses, the second round isn't merely a desperate gesture.

It also happens to be the color of the stop sign, so a man's natural instinct will be to stop to see your profile photo. My recommended word count its 125 - 150 words on a traditional dating profile and two sentences on a mobile app. When you meet someone online and click offline, take a chance and take your profile down in good faith to see where the relationship will go.

Which photos should you ditch on your dating profile? A man has a split second to decide whether to write you or take a pass. Viewing a long-winded profile is painful for someone to consider. I know you realize that talking about your ex is an off-limits subject, but for some reason it becomes the default conversation topic. Some singles take the time make long lists of what they don't want in a partner. One of my best pieces of advice is to ask a question in your profile. Here's an example: If he or she is into hiking, you just might get a hiking date put on the calendar. After a few dates, you should be able to determine if you'd like to consider a relationship with him or her.“You don't have to be a fashion plate or spend a lot of money: a pair of khakis and a couple of shirts from Gap can cost less than 0 and will ensure that employers aren't distracted by wondering whether you're too ‘old-fashioned’ for their company,” Welstead says. Many older workers assume that after 35 years of experience, a job will fall into their lap. Tell employers what your strengths are and how they will benefit by hiring you. In addition to your personal network, find work opportunities on employment websites, job boards, corporate websites, temporary agencies, networking and job clubs, career fairs and headhunters. Fight negative age stereotypes by focusing on your knowledge and real-world experience.Unfortunately, however, many employers are reluctant to consider older workers. Remember, however, that while confidence is key, cockiness can work against you. Older workers often get a bad rap for their unwillingness or inability to adapt to change – particularly when it comes to technology. Take pride in your achievements, maturity, and wisdom.If you haven't worked recently, you'll find offices more casual than they used to be.In most industries, the days of the power suit are long past. While finding a job can be hard work at any age, older workers need to be even more patient and diligent. Not surprisingly, many job leads come from friends, family or colleagues.While it's tempting to keep checking your email at night to see who else is interested in you, you might not be giving that special someone the chance you both deserve.