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Young women are also the ones who get into trouble more often on the net.

It’s becoming more common to have both a computer and a tablet, along with a smartphone.

There is now an average of 2.07 computers and 1.13 tablets per household.

92 percent have a computer, 81 percent have a smartphone and 65 percent have a tablet.

Already at the age of 8, over half (55%) have access their own smartphone. Around 9 of these are on the mobile phone, an increase with an hour from last year.

Three out of four 2-year olds (72%) use the internet, which is an increase of five percentage points since the previous year when it was 67 percent.

A third (32%) of the youngest children use the internet every day.

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Internet at work 90 percent of those who are working have access to the internet at their job.

In the internet’s infancy, there was much talk about what this revolution would mean for work life and that many would no longer go to their workplace, but work from home instead.

In total, 53 percent of those who work, at some time use the internet to work from home.