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“[Dating someone of a different faith] means you’re making them first before God,” he adds.

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Summer ’06 always assumed that she would raise her children Jewish.

Now that she’s in a serious relationship with a practicing Catholic, however, her children’s faith is no longer quite so certain.

Madubata ’06, an Episcopalian.“Christians consider sex to be something more than some pleasurable act.

It’s an actual union between two people becoming one,” Madubata says.

Whether or not religious students choose to date outside their faiths, most say they usually plan to marry someone of their own faith.

“I think a couple should decide to have one religion, to transmit one to their children, otherwise [the children will] feel divided, and it won’t be easy for them to form an identity,” says Jonathan Hernandez ’09, who is Catholic.“It’s more up in the air than it’s ever been for me,” she says.In deciding who they want to date, most college students say they do not think about marriage or children.Citing a Biblical passage which points to the danger of being led off course by a relationship with someone of a different faith, Gillis says that his religion has a clear position on interfaith relationships.“The important thing to realize, from a Christian perspective, is that God is supreme.Nothing matters more than God, including your wife,” Gillis says.“A lot of Indian girls are vegetarian, and they speak the same language. With language comes a lot of cultural ties,” he says.