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This was done at the time of ratification and approval on June 2, 1967.

2d 26 (1988)A land use regulation may effect a constitutional taking if it fails to "substantially advance legitimate state interests" or "denies an owner economically viable use of his land.

Grinding stones have been found in the Manu'a islands.No quarries have been identified in Manu'a, though researchers have looked.You can also find single ladies and foreign men in our free personals site as well.Asiandatenet is the service to help you to meet new friends, pen pals, a lover and even a life mate in American. Boulders used for this activity generally have smooth dish-shaped concave areas on them and sometimes grooves in which the adz bits were sharpened.

These boulders are found in archaeological sites (such as Maloata and Tulauta), in streams, and elsewhere on the island landscape.

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Such legislation as may be necessary may be enacted to protect the lands, customs, culture, and tradiĀ­tional Samoan family organization of persons of Samoan ancestry, and to encourage business enterprises by such persons.

It shall be the policy of the Government of AmerĀ­ican Samoa to protect persons of Samoan ancestry against alienation of their lands and the destruction of the Samoan way of life and language, contrary to their best interests.

Because in most cases licensing will be a straightforward process, quasi-judicial evidentiary hearing in all licensing proceedings would needlessly increase government expenditures and such hearings are required only where the proposed action on a license application will be final.