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Although the trimmer comes towards the top of the market price-wise, this is a no brainer for us as it excels in every category we tested.Although other trimmers may be better for battery life or accuracy, this trimmer has a much better rounded performance than its rivals. We’re looking for trimmers with an edge (both literal and metaphorical).

As you go about your business, lasers shoot from either side of the blade to give you the most symmetrical trim possible. The numerous trimming attachments allow for in-depth personalisation.The lasers are actually incredibly useful and not just a novelty as they provide an invaluable guide for the trim and ensure no wonky lines. The main selling point for us is the impressive rechargeable battery, which will see you through a fortnight’s worth of quick morning trims from a half-hour charge. The Braun multi-groomer allows for shaving, styling and trimming thanks to its three attachments.Perhaps the most useful feature is the floating contouring head which matches your facial curves to give a much more comfortable trim with less snags – in fact, we think this is the most comfortable trimmer in the list.The battery life is one of the most impressive on the list with an 80-minute charge, affording you around a fortnight of five-minute trims.The ability to wash under running water is also a big plus.

Buy now The Gillette Pro Glide Styler was the first 3-in-1 grooming tool on the market, before being joined by the Braun featured above.While other trimmers on the list may have these features, none of them have them all in one.Buy now We love to be lazy so we love this trimmer for its vacuuming capabilities.The trimmer also comes with a three-year guarantee.Buy now Without a doubt, the foremost space-agey trimmer on the market is the Philips Series 9000 – because it has lasers.There are questions over the longevity of the multi-length attachments which feel rather flimsy, but with 20 lock-in lengths from 0.5 to 10mm, we aren’t grumbling. This is the second most space-agey of our trimmers and comes with touch screen technology, allowing you to adjust your length from 0.4 to 18mm in 1mm increments – leaving you feeling like you are in Blade Runner in the process.