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Do it privately or not at all, don't waste precious lines in what is supposed to be a work of fiction to debate, praise or whatever. Perhaps you've borrowed the magic system and world from Harry Potter or the Jusenkyo pools from Ranma or whatever, but otherwise what you have is an actual original story.

But I am starting to realize, that I probably will start scribbling away on the tale of Harry Potter and Wonder Woman's distressing marriage woes at some point.

Going the harem route might be fun, but at the moment, I'm thinking that poor Harry will probably be distressed enough waking up alongside someone who has just ensured that he has a mother-in-law who's the queen of an entire island of very skilled female warriors with man issues.130225 - Evening I've mostly been fiddling with some old Ranma fics lately, doing some minor revisions and adding a few lines here and there.

She's a Man in Japan is basically "Gender Flip via Localization," where Executive Meddling results in a character's sex being changed to meet the perceived needs of another market.

But as with the aforementioned tropes, Gender Bender characters who previously wore a distinctive outfit may wear a Gendered Outfit, tailored to their new sex, after the change.

Did some minor tinkering there as well as working a bit more on the sequel, which I really like.

There are quite a few scenes in there which I thoroughly enjoy reading myself, which is rare for my own works.If Shelley reconfigures from each termination in a form suited to "protect" him from that method of death, then a female version would make sense.Author has written 48 stories for Star Wars, FX: The Series, Lois and Clark, X-Men, X-overs, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Cartoon X-overs, Love Hina, Ranma, Spider-Man, Hikaru no Go, Negima!Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Tenchi Muyo, Naruto, Evangelion, Vandread, Harry Potter, Full Metal Panic, Friends, and Kim Possible.121115 - Evening Hm, I have had an exceedingly active muse over the last couple of days.Did some minor revisions here and there and finished the sixteenth chapter of Black Heir. I'll likely go over it again and do some minor revisions at some point before posting it.Note that the definition of "gender" being used here (and in most TV Tropes trope names) refers to both a character's and their gender identity with the female version of the character almost always being more extensively gender-coded than the male version. Finally, in accordance with the aforementioned Laws, as well as certain demographic reasons, male-to-female changes are more likely than female-to-male ones, and the rare female-to-male ones are usually less susceptible to the Three Laws of Gender Bending.