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but still now over the 120 hrs i did not got my parcel tell me via email thainki you Saya juga dapat email yang sama tapi saya sudah mengirimkan apa yang diminta bagaimana solusi dari anda? Tapi sudah terlanjur dikirim maaf karena saya orang miskin jadi berharaplah kalau memang benar menang.

Exactly the same as above unfortunately I fell for it.

They said there was an admin fee of £4.99 so I puy my visa card no in but as I could not see the amount I said I will not go any further until I see £4.99 they then said it was on the next page I said no I will cancel before I could do anything they authorised the payment as they were still in my computer.

Try as I might I couldn’t get the person to understand that this is my blog, I had personally received the email in question and I had personally posted it to this blog. I insisted with him that he can take the money as I wont touch that money of my bank account then he keeps insisting that I am a thef! I seen tthis post and i acted upon it and he wont take the money out of my bank account! fter being sent an e-mail on how i am surposed to have won in a lotto the shock and the horror being told ye you have won but you got to pay us first £650.00 damn how dum do i look i never give money away,, thats like paying for my phone before i get the bill… plus cant get hold of anyone even after the so called win,, if this was a so called win never pay out before you get the money in the bank.

I fell for this scam and I feel sick to the stomach for it.

Nancy Williams from Nigeria and I have been e-mailing for about a week.

She wanted me to send her .00 dollars for a phone which I did Sat. She then wanted me to be her beneficiary, her father had passed and was worth alot of money but she had to be married to get her inheritance.

They are often sent by organised gangs of scammers, who want nothing better than to get their hands on your money.

They are quite willing to engage you in long, detailed exchanges of emails and/or phone calls until they scam money from you. It is easy to think that everyone must realise these emails are scam, but every day someone, somewhere falls for one. From time to time victims and potential victims leave their stories here as comments.

At this point I have already informed the British High Commission about it all anyway, informed the dating site where I first made contact, informed the Bank that they are using as a front, told my bank etc, etc.

What is strange is that I have still had contact with one of them ( the “bank manager”) and really riled him by telling him what low-life’s him and his friends are as up until two days ago they were still using the same mobile phones! By the way I’m a 57 year old disabled woman living on benefits, something that they were fully aware of, so I didn’t have much money to begin with and I don’t know how I’m going to pay back the money I borrowed on my credit card.i m winner of texco mobile lottery draw i have paid to elite fleet courier all charges but still now i did not got the my parcel dispache oficer mr,gleen carlton pho- 447017742771please inform me via email parcel dispatched on 17-08-09 1 :45gmt for 120 hrs.

It is at this point that the supposed bank manager takes over and there is tax to pay on the money he is sending me and a fee for this and that with me questioning all the time why can’t they take tax etc out of the money they are supposed to be sending to me.