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Thank goodness Pinterest wasn’t around until after I graduated….

I may have made these tacos al pastor for a food demo at work one time as well, maybe.

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An irremovable pastor or rector is one whose office gives him the right of perpetuity of tenure; that is, he cannot be removed or transferred except for a canonical reason, viz., a reason laid down in the law and, in the case of a criminal charge, only after trial. xiii, de Ref.) shows it to be the mind of the Church ; that dioceses should, wherever it is possible, be divided into canonical parishes (See PARISH), to be governed by irremovable parish - priests.(See IRREMOVABILITY.) A movable pastor or rector is one whose office does not give him this right ; but the bishop must have some just and proportionate reason for dismissing or transferring him against his will, and, should the priest believe himself wronged in the matter, he may have recourse to the Holy See, or to its representative where there is one having power in such cases. 418.) This, certainly, is the case in the United States of America (Decrees of Propaganda, 28 March, and 20 May, 1887). In places, therefore, where the Tridentine law cannot be fully carried out, bishops adopt measures which fulfil this requirement as nearly as circumstances allow.A group of us used to do “Sunday Funday” dinners and I made these tacos after a pool party one Sunday.Let’s just say they were a big hit, at least that’s how I remember it!I definitely do remember making them for our group of friends once, but it was years ago.

I don’t think Kris and I were even dating at the time (my cooking is what won him over, haha).

In this article " parish - priest " is always taken in this strict sense.

Pastors (whether parish - priests or not) are either irremovable ( inamovibiles ) or movable ( amovibiles ad nutum ).

I don’t remember exactly why I have an al pastor recipe from that long ago….

It’s likely from my college days when I would obsessively look up recipes to avoid homework.

Moreover, according to some canonists, even movable pastors in case of a criminal charge cannot be absolutely removed from their office without a trial (cf. One such measure was the erection of quasi- parishes, districts with defined limits, ordered for the United States in 1868 (Second Plenary Council of Baltimore, n. Another such was the institution of irremovable rectors (pastors with the right of perpetuity of tenure), ordered for England in 1852 (First Provincial Council of Westminster Decr.