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"As a woman I also get a lot of romantic approaches from male strangers.

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The survey also found that other social media doesn't appeal to the over 50s, with 35 per cent of the demographic claiming that they can't be bothered with social media apart from Facebook.

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google were lower in popularity, with 25 per cent using Google , 19 per cent Twitter and 9 per cent Pinterest and Instagram.

81 per cent of the 3,012 demographic surveyed said that they check Facebook more than once a day.

"Being comfortable using Facebook will help older people stay connected to their families and friends, and may help alleviate loneliness in later years,” says Martin Lock, CEO of

"I like to keep in touch with school friends, especially those who have moved abroad," she says.

"It is great to see how we have or have no changed over the years.

Now, research from has revealed that Facebook is kingpin of social media for the over 50s.

The lifestyle and news website found that 47 per cent of the over 50s believe they will use Facebook more as they grow older.

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