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This kind of recursive loop gets boring very quickly – and can be severely demotivating.

Instead, think of Spanish as a to experience your everyday life: change the display language on your computer to Spanish; find Spanish-language movies and TV shows to watch (with Spanish subtitles); get your news or celebrity gossip fix from Spanish-language magazines, newspapers and websites; check out Spanish-language podcasts and youtube videos on topics that already interest you.

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If you have the opportunity to speak many languages on a daily basis, then you won’t forget them.” This applies if you are juggling 10 languages or if you are simply trying to keep a second language locked in your memory.The more you use it the less likely you are to forget it.I studied Spanish for all four years of high school and have almost nothing to show for it besides, As is painfully obvious from this thimbleful of Spanish I retained after high school, my relationship with the language never left the classroom and thus never really came to life. I needed expert advice so I consulted two guys with a lot to say about the Spanish language: Luca Lampariello, who hails from Italy and started teaching himself Spanish as a kid (he also speaks English, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese…), and Babbel’s polyglot-in-residence Matthew Youlden.Here are their tips for learning Spanish (or any language for that matter).” Any time an opportunity to speak Spanish presents itself GRAB IT!

You need to practice what you learn and talking is always the best way to do that.This is also the secret to retaining what you have learned.As Luca puts it, “My parents had some good Spanish friends who came to eat at our place once a week, so I was able to practice with them.The best way to connect Spanish to your daily life is to spend time around native speakers.If any of your friends speak Spanish, convince them to speak it with you for at least half of each time you hang out together.Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian can barely consider each other “foreign languages” since they all evolved from Latin.