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We learned about some of our favorite brands and scheduled appointments for a facial, pedicure, massage and were very curious about what The Drip Bar was.

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The crowds were minimal, so I was able to hop around as needed to truly appreciate all of the highlights.INDULGENCES presented in partnership with MEET ME AT THE SPA, offered spa services to all KAABOO guests.She had fans singing and dancing with every smoky tune.To see Macy is to simply love Macy, and if you get a chance to request a song, ask for Lucy!If you had the "Hang Ten" pass you were included in this special treat.

I was able to check out the scene before the public, and it, by far, exceeded my expectations.Waiting anxiously as I checked in to get my two-day press pass, I asked one of the vendors, what does KAABOO mean?She threw her hands up in the air, spun around on her roller skates and said, "It's whatever you want it to mean!Where can you find this level of hospitality these days?KAABOO had really thought of it all, nailing their market to the tee.San Diego's entertainment and attractions have kept our family on the constant go for the past three years.