Dating muscular girl

However a woman that is bigger and/or more muscular than me would either be obese or a hard core bodybuilder who is on steroids or some other performance enhancing drug. Muscular doesn't mean roid-chewing body builder, and gawd that's not a pretty look for a lady. I'm pretty strong just by accident of birth and my lifestyle choices, and tall happened the same way.

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She's not all ripped and veiny, but I have to say that toned arms and strong legs/hard butt are damn sexy on a woman. He used to date a woman taller than him - she wasn't more muscular, but she'd also won a full scholarship for playing basketball so she was definitely physically fit.

I don't think they had anything going on besides friendship, but since she was 6'5" it was a relief for her to have someone tall enough to dance with.

As for me, I much prefer something beefier to hold onto, but the love of my life was the skinniest man I ever met!

As with every question about preferences, the answer is "IT DEPENDS"..............

As someone with a physical disability, I have always thought I would never find someone who would see past my challenges. I always felt like having someone help me was a “burden” on them, and my ex-boyfriends confirmed my feelings. You always knew how to make me laugh, even if it involved scaring me or giving me a wet hug after you were outside, in the pouring rain, collecting carts. I was giving up on dating because I was sick and tired of talking to and going on dates with guys who would instantly ignore me when they found out I had muscular dystrophy.

I especially thought I would never find someone who would love me. I have been in relationships, but they never lasted more than a couple of months. I ended up not trusting guys, until you came along. We were both in relationships at the time, but instantly became friends. Little did I know you would be the best thing that has ever happened to me. They next day, you asked me out, and to be honest, it threw me off.

Im sorry but I like my women looking like well women, there is nothing attractive about a woman who built like a Middle Linebacker for the Chicago Bears, or could pass as Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin sister. No one should have restrictions on being who they want to be.

Being fit is one thing looking like a man is another. It's hard enough finding someone in the world to connect with, and feel the right chemistry for. I saw a profile while searching the other day, she had her arms up, flexing those muscles like arnold....I sent her a message "Congratulations, you're a man! The best type would be one who is more muscular than me, a height of 6' or taller (one who loves to wear heels is a bonus!

As for myself, I don't and never have been a fitness fanatic, but I have lived a very physical life and I'm stronger than most of the men I know my own age.

**shrug** I guess carting around 50 and 80 lb feed sacks and 100 lb bales of hay, and rowing a mile or so every day to get home can be a workout, though. But at 6'2" 220, I don't find women larger than me attractive... ________________________________________________________Messages this short may not be posted I'd definitely date a strong/muscular girl.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Had a guy that was trying to help me set up my workout area and he couldn't pick up the 85 pound barbell so I had to do it for him; needless to say he felt awful.