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The Two Story suites have one bedroom each of the two floors.

The Terrace Suite offers a stone terrace for additional seclusion on top of the other amenities.

The Swag Country Inn offers special packages that guests can opt for to enhance their stay.

The Swag Country Inn offers top-notch accommodations with warm hospitality and an award-winning restaurant matched only by its service.

Once there, guests will have everything they need for their stay – they will never need to go out of their way to get something – making the place a great choice to disappear from the world for a while.

Home to a majestic mountaintop view, The Swag Country Inn is a place of unparalleled hospitality.

Located at 5,000 feet, the inn is only a few minutes from Asheville, North Carolina, offering a relaxing weekend getaway from the city.

Just behind the inn is the Divide Trail, which has been traveled by settlers for over 200 years, and counting.

All this natural history and beauty is only matched by the architecture of the inn itself, with the oldest building dating back to 1795, and with every log made of hand-hewn materials from the now rare tulip poplar trees.

The accommodations are categorized into three groups: Swag House Rooms, Chestnut Lodge Rooms, and Cabins & Suites.

The Swag House Rooms are found in the Main Swag House.

There is the right kind of accommodation for every kind of guest at The Swag Country Inn, may it be something as private and intimate as a romantic getaway or as grand and exciting as a hiking trip, guests will find what they want among the Inn’s 14 guest rooms.

Each of these rooms is uniquely decorated – no two rooms are exactly the same.

Just down the stairs, the Hideaway, is also a romantic lodge, but with an authentic barn siding and a sauna for two, on top of the other luxurious amenities.