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The trend in the statistics issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is for the decline to increase by a further 6 per cent monthly.

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This has succeeded in reducing insecticide use from 0.2 kg/hectare in 1995 to 0.02 kg/hectare in 2014 and increased corn yield according to a 2015 Harvard University release. These were for 340 GM crop lines used for livestock such as chickens, pigs, sheep, beef cattle and dairy cows states ISAAA Resources.

GMOs are produced to increase tolerance to herbicides, so that herbicides can be used to control weeds and these are called HT crops. The most common herbicide used is glyphosate the active ingredient in the weed killer, Roundup, so these plants are often called "Roundup Ready." However, an over-reliance on only glyphosate has resulted in the development of 14 super weeds resistant to this chemical. Of the total global production of GM crops, the portion utilized as feed in 2016 was: Other crops used as livestock feed are cotton, Argentine canola, Polish canola, alfalfa, sugar beets, apple, plum, bean, chicory, cotton, creeping bentgrass, eucalyptus, papaya, potato, rice, soyabean, squash and tomato.

Many GMOs are produced with resistance against diseases caused by different agents. 2), there has been a 110 fold increase in GMOs between 1996 to 2016. Other countries that grow GMOs commercially are Bolivia, Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Honduras, Chile, Portugal, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

By 2014, there were 7,789 crop releases for testing as part of research and development efforts, according to the ERS report (pg. These are crops with resistance against bacteria, nematodes, fungi, virus, and insects. these are in ingredients derived from the most common GMO crops, including: Other GM crops in US include Hawaiian papaya, squash, apples, peppers, plum, melon, tomatoes, potatoes, chicory, creeping bentgrass, rose, rice, tobacco and flax, notes ISAAA report (pg. There are 26 different countries that grow GM crops. The top five countries grow 91% of the global GMO crops according to IASSS Summary (pg. Fish are the only animal species that are genetically modified themselves; however, livestock are fed with GM crops that are grown specifically for this purpose. 10) notes that there were 1238 GM crops approvals globally for feed by 2016.

A Nature report says conventional crossbred varieties perform better. They may have added or enhanced nutraceuticals, including added vitamins, iron, low-calorie sugar, hypoallergenic crops, antibodies or vaccines Some of them are meant to produce machine oils for industrial uses and there were 1986 test releases in field according to the ERS report (pg. Forty-seven percent of GM crops have HT and 41% have "stacked traits (combined insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, and other traits)" according to the ISAAA summary (pg. Similarly in the US, herbicide tolerance and pest resistant are present in the majority of GM crops according to ERS (pg. There were 392 GM events or varieties in 29 crop species that received approvals on 3,768 counts between 1994 to 2016 around the world. To avoid cross contaminating non-modified salmon with GM stock, the company states they will render these fish sterile.

Notwithstanding this, there has been a five fold increase in GM research in this area according to the ERS report (pg. GM crops are produced to give better products or desirable qualities such as: There were 4,896 crop test releases for product quality change writes the ERS report (pg. Of these 1,777 approvals were "for food use (direct use or for processing)" according to the ISAAA summary (pg. There were a total of 20 crops with 195 varieties of GM crops in the U. However, about 30 percent fail to demonstrate complete sterilization at this time.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are becoming an increasing part of the American food supply, as statistics can show.

These statistics can help in making more informed decisions about food a family consumes.

The market leader from the UK and Germany to Turkey is Thomas Cook.

It revealed that it had cut capacity to Turkey by 40 per cent, leading to a £100m reduction in revenue between April and June this year.

Genetically modified organisms refers to one particular technique of genetic modification where some genes are transferred from one organism into another.