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Carlson was raised with a strong work ethic and views herself a strong woman, but she felt uncomfortable playing the role of victim.Carlson has been sexually harassed on more than one occasion multiple times over her career, a fact that many women can relate to.At her first television job, Carlson ended alone with a cameraman in the news van, and the conversation shifted from normal chatter to unwanted advances, as the harasser wanted to know what she felt when he slipped the microphone under her shirt, touching her breasts.

Usual characterizations of women experiencing harassment portray male supervisors harassing female subordinates.However, power-threat theories show women in authority are more frequent targets of sexual harassment.Speaking up is key to getting help and making others more aware of how serious and prevalent sexual harassment is in the workplace.Co-workers must report when they witness sexual harassment, such as inappropriate touching, and should not defend the harasser if a victim has confided in them.Nearly 42 percent react passively, because what else can you do when you need a job for survival?

These female employees accept the harassment since they can’t afford to lose what work they have, and only 8 percent of those surveyed quit their jobs because of harassment.Some worked around the issue: 10 percent cut down their work hours, and 15 percent changed their entire schedule to avoid the harasser.Immigrants are also at high risk for sexual harassment in the workplace, with 17 percent of immigrant mothers experiencing sexual harassment while at work.A close-knit team, in sports or the workplace, is always likelier to be more productive.A 2013 Australian survey found that a “good relationship with co-workers” was the reason that 67 percent of those asked stayed at their current jobs—above job satisfaction (63 percent) and even pay (at 46 percent).Carlson knows what it is to fight back against sexual harassment in the workplace and advocates for women to fight back, too.