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The monthly average rainfall around Al-‘Ain was (100–120 mm) from the period 1970 to 1992.

Al-‘Ain has a higher proportion of Emirati nationals than elsewhere in the country, but the majority of its residents are expatriates particularly from the Indian sub-continent.

This uprising was suppressed by the UAE army and local police forces.

All the labourers involved were interned and deported.

Al Foah takes a great interest in contributing to events that come in line with social responsibility.

We support various segments of society as part of our national responsibility, and are keen to deliver effective contributions that will provide care and assistance for the community.

Boer (1997) classified the UAE climate as hyper-arid and divided it into four climatic regions: the coastal zone along the Persian Gulf, the mountain areas northeast of UAE, the gravel plains around Al-‘Ain area, and the central and southern sand desert.

More rainfall and lower temperatures occur in the northeast than in the southern and western regions.

These early cultures built "beehive" tombs for their dead and engaged in hunting and gathering in the area.

The oasis provided water for early farms until the modern age.

Al-‘Ain is located in the eastern region of Abu Dhabi Emirate just south of Dubai and east of Abu Dhabi.

The Eastern region covers an area of approximately 13,100 km (5,100 sq mi).

A companion of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, Ka‘ab Bin Ahbar, was reportedly sent to the region to introduce Islam to the people. The forts currently in Al-‘Ain were built in the late 19th or early 20th century to solidify Abu Dhabi's control over the oasis.