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While these auspicious symbols are no longer used to ward off evils or cure illnesses, they still retain a cultural value and are appreciated for their decorative beauty.

"Spinning tops" is a game dating from ancient times which still enjoys great popularity today.

Since they are brightly colored, dough figures are popular among and loved by children. Today, they are considered as art works to be collected and appreciated rather than items offered at an altar to the dead or deities in temples, as they once were.

The knots have a symmetrical design and subtle beauty that exemplifies traditional Chinese aesthetic values.

Today they are called "Chinese knots," or "Chinese macrame." It is customary in Taiwan to make and wear scented sachets (pomanders) during the Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated on the 5th day of the fifth lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

When the ball cools down, it becomes solid while the lump of elastic sugar remains soft and warm in the hand.

At that point, the sugar blower pulls, rolls, and pinches the ball while blowing into the tube. Although it is not difficult to learn the basics of blowing sugar figurines, it takes much time and practice to do it well.

In addition to providing shelter from sun and rain, they are also a symbol of good fortune.

The Hakka town of Meinong in southern Taiwan is renowned for its oil paper umbrellas.Experienced performers can simultaneously spin multiple diabolos and send them high through the air.Diabolos are also incorporated into dances and other riveting performances.This special type of folk sport is well preserved in the town of Daxi in Taoyuan City, where many residents begin whipping tops from a very young age.The largest "king top" displayed at the Furen Temple weighs 120kg, and is played with a cord thicker than your thumb.The carvings and paintings of the puppet stage further add to the delight of the show.