Dating help for shy men

Many are love-shys themselves; many have tried to gain the interest of a man they believe to be love-shy, and are trying to figure out how.

Many members of the forum have been formally diagnosed with Asperger's.

It is very likely that Asperger's and datelessness go hand in hand, though many Love-shys do not suffer from Asperger's.

In the end, it's a semantic game and people are free to use both terms interchangeably, but do realize there is a difference between the terms. While Gilmartin performed his study in the United States, love-shys exist worldwide, as evidenced by the membership of the forums and readership of the site.

As is an English language site, most of its forum members are from the US (where the site is based), Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. As far as race is concerned, there are members of all races on the forums.

Many people use the term "involuntary celibacy" to describe datelessness.

Varying definitions of this term exist, but generally a person has to be incapable of finding a partner for six months or more to be considered involuntarily celibate.

Gilmartin in his 1987 book Shyness and Love: Causes, consequences, and treatment.

The Love-shy term does not cover all people perfectly; some have had relationships in the past, while others have no problem approaching, they just can't get anyone to say "yes." Other terms for describing the predicament exist.

Asperger's tend to have obsessive hobbies of a very specific nature, getting down to trivial details.

They also tend to be very patterned and stereotyped in their behavior, performing repetitive movements like bobbing back and forth in a chair.

Going by polls, most are areligious, athiest or agnostic, but several members are religious, some quite strongly so.