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injured and ill, Cropper was nursed back to health by this man's patience, love and determination. Thank You to everyone who donated, he never would have survived, without proper veterinary care.

Biggur: Db Written, drawn translated by CMNC Memes, Puppies, and Social Media: bbc CV I IL/I LOVE These Happy what it is all about ! With the combined efforts of Cairo police department officer Bush and a detective from Fishkill and social media the puppy has been found safe and sound and being returned to the owner now. England, Memes, and Cake: deserttson ethlehem Never ask a British person about the price of Freddo's abithehugslut answered you: whats the price of freddo's deserttsong OKAY RIGHT SO BASICALLY FREDDO' S ORIGINALLY COST 5 PENCE THOSE WERE THE GOOD DAYS THE HAPPY DAYS FULL OF JOY AND SUNSHINE AND CHEAP DELICIOUS CHOCOLATY TREATS BUT THEN THE ECONOMY WENT TO HELL AND CADBURY THE CHOCOLATE COMPANY WHO LITERALLY MAKE ALL THE GOOD CHOCOLATE IN ENGLAND WERE LIKE HEY LETS RAISE THE PRICE TO 8 PENCE AND EVERYONE WAS UKE WE UNDERSTAND TIMES ARE HARD BUT THEN CADBURY RAISED THEM TO 10 PENCE LIKE OKAY DUDES WOH STOP THATS DOUBLE THE ORIGINAL PRICE AND THEN THEY RAISED T TO 20 PENCE PER FREDDO THAT IS FUCKING BULLSHIT ONCE YOU COULD BUY 20 FREDDOS FOR ONE POUND AND NOW YOU CAN ONLY BUY 4 FUCK I asked a British person about Freddo's @ friends across the Atlantic are u ok??? is this similar to the Jaffa cake debacle or should I not bring that up - Max textpost textposts Kardashians, Memes, and πŸ€–: The World needs more Happy Days and less Kardashian's WWW DECADESWITHJOEEKRAMER. Decades with Joe E Kramer https:// Aww, Memes, and Patience: Six years ago, Cropper was found inthestreet after a dogfight. We had the best music, the most beautiful cars, drive-in theaters, soda fountains and happy days. The puppy we rescued last week that had parvo, has turned the corner & is going to make it!!!

OCE (Office of the Controller of Examination) has said that the result of this year's SLC will be published by first week of Asar.

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πŸ‘β¬‡ Bored, Memes, and Amas: assai The face of "I am bored,lets walk or eat somethings" when we were at a cafe πŸ˜ƒ Have a happy day friends!

❀️😘-hadi ama ya biseyler yiyelim ya da yuruyelim bakisi πŸ˜ƒ..

The Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness, will provide a global platform to support the initiative as it focuses on elevating the work of massage therapists and promoting careers in massage and bodywork.

Through the past decade, massage therapy has experienced tremendous growth with more and more consumers seeking out massage to support and enhance personal wellbeing.

For a quick review, as many as 5,47,165 students appeared this year in the dubbed- "Iron Gate" of Nepalese education system.

And times of SLC results are equally hyped as the dubbed name of the exam itself. I’ve entered a DJ Competition sponsored by Movida Corona UK and Mixcloud and I’d like you to help me win! I Wanna F*ck A Dog In The Ass by Blink 182 That last one made an interesting Google search. I’d like to add SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTER to the list of words. After some further consultation with my friends here are the 4 songs as chosen by my friends that apparently best descibe me…I wanna kiss you and I wanna be in your arms I wanna hold you and I wann:a stay up all night talking wanna fall for you and I want to protect you from all the evil things in the world this is perfect 😍 HEo RF1UM Alive, Fall, and Happy: This is perfect. Even when you're mad at me even when I irritate you even when l piss you off l want you l want your happy days and l want your I don't wanna be alive days I want you in the morning and I want you in the middle of the night l want to be the reason you smile and l wanna be the reason you're laughing everyday and even when you have a sad day I wanna be the one that makes you smile even if it's only for a minute. But I have this to remember the happy days Driving, Memes, and Music: People born in the 50's have lived in 7 decades, 2 centuries & 2 millenniums. So as you can tell in the photo, this baby is tired. Today is a happy day & in the near future, this sweet boy, will bless some lucky family's lifeπŸ’• Bye-Bye Death Row... wanna kiss you and I wanna be in your arms l wanna hold you and I wanna stay up all night talking I wanna fall for you and I want to protect you from all the evil things in the world Brooklyn Nets, Nba, and Washington Wizards: WHEN YOURE NO LONGER NBA MEMES M M ON THE NETS Yesterday was a very happy day for Bojan Bogdanovic as he was traded from the Brooklyn Nets (9-47) to the Washington Wizards (34-21) πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Double tap and tag some friends below! We had the best music, fastest cars Drive-in theaters, soda fountains & happy days And we are not even that old yet, we're just that cool Dank, The Ring, and Citi: you are invited (1/3) β€œI was nineteen. D amazing fantastic day reall good,happy day normal ,average day v exhausted, turd day depressed, sad day vfrvstrated, angry dlay vstressed franth C day day v really hurrible nomble day 25 h Ey this is an update of my yr in pixels :-))) ima try to post an update every month or so (i added the black one bc i feel like blue wasnt enough to display my sadnessβ„’ on some days) (( so much has changed in a month)) ((( also ik im missing 18 bc ig i cant count but i'll try and put it in lol))) Memes, Flexin, and πŸ€–: When you finally get that lame out your system and you're looking better, feeling better, and doing better IG @Quotes From The Heart100 Oh happy day πŸ’… flexin rp @quotesfromtheheart100 πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– relationshipquotes realshit queenofquotes realrecognizereal Albert Einstein, Memes, and Vision: SCHOOL SUCCESS. TIE ITTO A GOAL NOT TO PEOPLE OR THINGS -Albert Einstein Big vision. What a happy day at Noah's Ark ❀️ Cars, Dank, and Traffic: PHETCHABUN Province RAYONG Province CHIANGMAI Province BANKOKIAN i Don't has cars , Don't traffic jam it amazing The new year is the happy days of bankokians.. We had the best music, the most beautiful cars, drive-in theaters, soda fountains and happy days. Make sure to wish your favorite curmudgeon a happy day, and watch our favorite grouch, Archie Bunker, weeknights at 9p ET on Antenna TV. Beautiful, Cars, and Dank: People born in the 50s, '60s & '70s have lived in 7, 6, 5 decades two centuries and two millennia. #jussayin Baby, It's Cold Outside, Blessed, and Family: HAPLACETOBARK I'm So Happy When We Can Share Great News!!!