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It's also the first episode to feature 3 female kids.Extra: Behind the Scenes - A look at the child contestants arriving for their game.The children get the green, pink and blue squares (occasionally they get purple, red and yellow squares), and the cartoon contestants get the red, yellow and purple.

Note that the games used in each round and the contestants' interactions are based on the number of child contestants remaining, and that the game always ensures that a child contestant will always be the last remaining contestant.Sometimes, for the third round, it can be either 1 child vs 1 toon, or 2 children vs each other.In addition, it is typical for the second-round challenge to be rigged against an animated contestant, leading to their elimination as well.In Skatoony North America, the prize for winning the Skatoony Quiz Champ Challenge in the first season is an i Pod touch; later seasons have refused to disclose the grand prize.Accordingly, a significant figure from the series will also be seen in the Skatoony opening sequence.

Other children's series (including but not limited to shows on the Teletoon lineup) are often the subject of the questions asked on the shows.Skatoony (stylized as SKAToon Y) is an American/British/Canadian children's animated game show, pitting live-action kids against cartoons.The series is co-produced with Talent Television (for the British version), Blink Studios (for the Arabic version), and Marblemedia with Smiley Guy Studios (for the North American version). television, the show will premiere on Starz In 2006, the first full length Skatoony TV show premiered on the Cartoon Network UK channel.At the end of each of the first two rounds, the two lowest scoring contestants are eliminated. At the end of the third round, only 1 of the 2 remaining contestants gets eliminated through ejection, based on who has the lowest score at the end of the round.At the end of three rounds, the remaining contestant takes on the Skatoony Quiz Champ Challenge, where they must answer ten questions correctly in 90 seconds.If the contestant finishes with time remaining and gets ten questions right, the contestant wins a prize, offered at the start of each episode.