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This may sound nitty gritty, but it just shows how far apart our expectations are. I’ve been divorced from my estranged wife and I’ve been rendered homeless since as HDB repeatedly refuses to give me a queue number for their BTO projects saying that my son and I do not form a “proper” family nucleus.In the meantime, the courts have awarded 75% of our matrimonial home to my ex-wife even though I’ve produced proof of her adultery as well as custody of our children to the immoral woman.

Now that we are old, I am 60 and he is 62, he keep making unpleasant remarks about me and say hurting things such as I cannot give him sex anymore, so he needs to find younger women outside.Lately, for the past half year or so he is very engrossed with Whatsapp chatting, always using his hp to do messaging.We’ve been happily married for 11 years with 1 kid except that I do realised that I can’t controlled my anger but definitely not till the extend of verbally or emotionally abused my wife.Yeap, we do quarrelled sometimes but everything is ok after a few hours.Continue reading » Number of View: 1616 Hi Gilbert, I am writing to you as I had gotten your email from Singapore Support Site for The Divorced. I have received a summon to attend Court as I did not allow the Child’s Father to see him.

Now the other party wants the Court to imprison me as there was a contempt of the order on my end.Hence, I’ve effectively lost faith in our judicial system as it is merely the playground of the rich and influential.She has abused protection orders several times but always never fail to get away with a “slap on the wrist”.For sure, I have learned the biggest and painful lesson in my life.If there is another opportunity of having a second wife in the future, it would definitely be for the much better as by then I will know how to love a woman. Continue reading » Number of View: 904Dear Gilbert, I came across your website once searching for advice online for divorce procedures.Everything changes early this year when she tried to avoid talking or going out with me and its getting worse early February.