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I was told about ITA and after much research and asking Matt, my admissions advisor, tons of questions, I decided that ITA was a great fit for me. It was a lot of work but very doable; the hardest part was forcing myself to do the work after working all day.

Jesica Nkouaga was a great teacher and always gave me tons of feedback.

She graded all assignments within 48 hours, sometimes within 12 hours.

Before taking the TEFL class, I had absolutely no classroom experience.The course gave me a great background and understanding of how to teach and manage a classroom.Once I started at my job, I had training with that company and they use the same methodology that was presented in the TEFL course.Obviously, teaching is a job where you need classroom experience and the TEFL course prepared me as much as possible.Inlingua is a private language school that teaches business English, so all of my students are professionals.

The great thing about Inlingua is that they already have all of the lesson plans done for you.I currently work for Inlingua How did you get your work visa? None of the schools that I came across in Quito would sponsor a work visa.Some schools will sponsor for a cultural exchange visa, but there are only a few of those here.All you need to do is review what you will be teaching.You also have the ability to add some of your own ideas and exercises into the lessons if it is applicable.There are always people posting that are looking for a roommate or have an apartment available for rent.