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Numerous factors account for this, many of which I don’t fully understand myself.But I suspect the perceived higher social status of Western women and the big, black omnipresent beast that is Chinese patriarchy both play a role.This dynamic isn’t unique to Taiwan, but it’s a reality that’s hard to ignore on an island this small.So rare are sightings of Western female/Asian male couples in Taiwan that spotting one walking hand in hand is enough to make one’s head turn.Sign up for a FREE membership and enter your profile.

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Although patriarchy creates real concerns for women dating in Taiwan (or anywhere on earth for that matter), I do not mean to discourage foreign women from dating Taiwanese men.

Taiwan is actually one of the best countries in Asia for women’s equality, so that’s good news.

Although it might not seem directly related to dating, the East Asian work ethic employed by many Taiwanese people might actually have a big impact on your dating life.

The stereotype of Taiwanese people slaving over jobs they aren’t passionate about, working long unpaid overtime hours at the behest of their employers, or tackling what I would consider to be leisure activities with ruthless and robotic precision, might prove to be true.

Because of this work ethic, Taiwanese people generally have less free time than their Western peers, and that means less time for dating.