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If none of these reasons apply, a Special Use Permit may not be necessary for your activity.

It is important to note not all;proponent's will receive approval for a permit, therefore any action taken before receiving a Special Use authorization, such as occupying National Forest System Lands and advertising or expending funds, is premature and at the proponent's risk--and is against the law.If one of these reasons applies to your activity, see Step 2 – Screening Proposal for Consistency with Forest Plan.A staff member will discuss your application, potential land use conflicts, application procedures and qualifications, probable time frames, fees, bonding requirements, additional coordination with other agencies, environmental reports, and field reviews.Most uses require additional information with the application.A Special Use Permit requires that the permit holder indemnify the United States against any liability arising from the use or occupancy of NFS lands.

The permit requires the holder to have their insurance company name the United States Government as an additionally insured party.The Forest Service authorizes Special Use Authorizations for the private, non-exclusive use of National Forest land for a variety of reasons, including recreation cabins, ski areas, resorts, outfitter guide such as pack stations, communication sites, filming, etc.; Some group activities and some recreation events may require a Special Use Permit.A Special Use Permit grants rights or privileges of occupancy and use to the holder.An incomplete submission could delay the permit processing or even result in the authorization not being issued.Once the complete application is accepted by the authorized officer, the Forest Service Permit Administrator’s time and resources can be obligated towards the preparation and administration of the proposed activity.You may need business plans, operating plans, liability insurance, licenses/registrations, or other documents.