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Once all the formalities were settled and all the other students arrived we got to work.

Kevin each asked us “Why are we taking the bootcamp?

I openly discussed with Kevin and Gareth that I went dead after using my opener, and I struggled with taking my opener and going into my stories from there.

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A majestic skyline beyond a sparkling bay marks San Diego as one of the most beautiful cities in California, a land known for its attractive women and unique venues.This is a PUA’s heaven on earth, and the ABCs of Attraction team descended upon San Diego, California, with life-changing wisdom for eager young students and world-famous ABCs of Attraction pickup dating coaching for San Diego, all in our legendary seduction bootcamp! It’s right next door to LA and has all of the glitz and glam, but it’s not nearly as crowded with the stuck-up elite. Not yet convinced that San Diego PUA Bootcamps in this incredible city is for you?And because successful coaching depends on a good ‘fit’ between coach and client, we offer new clients an introductory session.If, after this intro consultation, we both agree the fit is right, you can sign up for the remaining five sessions.” I thought about his question further and I will save the answer later in my post.

After this we went straight in the pre-bootcamp homework that each student was assigned to do, which was to memorize our canned openers and prepare our stories for the field exercise later that night.

A lot of people ask us if we only teach in Los Angeles when we’re in California. Then keep reading and check out what one of our students had to say about his experience: “Greetings Group!

I just took my bootcamp in San Diego with Kevin and Gareth and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

Over the past three day I learned a lot and this was no different.

I learned from Gareth essentially the in’s and out’s of fashion, and the little details to make an individual stand out.

It did not occur that I neglected this aspect of my life, So hence, I decided to take a bootcamp.