Dating brownsville

A local resident by the name of General José Maria Cobos was a Mexican general and refugee living in exile due to the recent French invasion.General Cobos received permission from the civilian authorities in Brownsville to organize a force to resist the looters and subdue the fires started by the Confederate evacuation.During the first half of the war, the Union Navy had successfully blockaded many Southern ports along the Gulf Coast.

The Union forces also captured a large supply of cotton left behind by the Confederates.

The loss of Brownsville significantly disrupted Confederate cotton trade.

From Brownsville goods were transported across the border to Matamoros and from there to neutral ports along the Mexican coast. Following the Union debacle at the second Battle of Sabine Pass, the U. Nathaniel Banks assembled 6,000 soldiers from three brigades in Napoleon J. All other Confederates along the coast had been called elsewhere in the wake of the Union attack at Sabine Pass.

The total Confederate force amounted to roughly 150 men stationed at Fort Brown. Vidal defected, killing a private and wounding another from the 33rd Texas.

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Banks landed the expedition at the mouth of the Rio Grande on November 2, 1863.

Bee dispatched two companies of his cavalry to observe and report on the Union landing.

Around noon General Banks personally arrived in the city and by pm the remaining Union forces arrived.

Colonel Dye was put in command of the post and the Union army encamped in the city, the army barracks at Fort Brown having been destroyed.

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