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A few well-meaning friends generally kept them away from me (for better or for worse).

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After college we weren't as close, different career paths and just the same old story about how sometimes your closest friends become more of an acquaintance.Anyway, he and I both got married about the same time.I never had serious relationships before her as we met when we were rather young.It is difficult to put into words the feeling I had constantly trying to politely decline women who would approach me.Oddly enough, there were many women hitting on me fairly aggressively at that time.

Typically they had some previous connection to me or my wife.

I constructed so many walls around myself that it became difficult for people to relate to me.

I could never relax and simply talk to someone until around a year ago.

I'm open to getting into a really long term relationship (or married again), but I'm definitely not hung up on the idea. We ended up going on a hike and were attacked by 4 armed men who I assume wanted some easy money.

Unfortunately, things became violent quickly and we were both beaten very badly.

I find some women find it challenging that there is 'another woman' that I still love (despite the fact that I rarely mention my wife to them).