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A light jacket is your best friend in San Francisco.

One of my favorite things about coming to San Francisco has been this fact.

It is truly amazing to me how often there are festivals, concerts, and just randomly awesome cultural events going on.

I have no idea how anyone who isn’t working in a high tech role that pays an above average salary can live here.

Pro Tip: If you’re moving here for a job, take into account the added costs so you’re sure you get paid a salary that won’t dramatically hurt your standard of living.

I moved to San Francisco 9 months ago from the East Coast bastion of Boston.

Despite having experience living in a major US city, I found quite a few surprises coming here. If you’re planning the move here, I hope this will help you know better what to expect.Also, as a forewarning, some people choose the cheapest costume of all, their “Birthday Suit”, on some days.As one friend told me, “You’re not a true San Franciscan until you see a naked guy walking down the street.” Pro Tip: Don’t fight it.Meanwhile, my monthly expenses have risen almost a third from ,500 a month in Boston to ,300 here.This combines to mean despite a significant pay raise when I moved here, I live here.And if you already live in SF, this should give you a laugh or two and hopefully inspire you to leave a comment with anything I missed.