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Pumping iron to make your iron limbs ‘perfect’ and sweating it out with a regular workout so you can make others break into a ‘different’ kind of sweat altogether with your shape – are all the perks of dating a fitness freak.

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When buying new ones, make sure you get the proper size, so you don’t look like you’re drowning in your gear or have been stuffed into it.

You may love working out in the Mickey Mouse shirt you’ve had since you were 12 along with a ratty pair of sweatpants, but very few men will find you sexy if you show up at the gym in that. If you’ve randomly gone to your gym at a different time than you normally do, and a certain guy happened to catch your eye, you may be tempted to change your routine so that you can see him more often.

Coz this fitness freak will do anything to get you into shape! A lot of date nights will be about working out together Now date nights won’t be so much about delicious wine-n-dine experiences as about thundering on the treadmill!

After all, a couple who works out together stays together, no?

When you are dating a fitness freak, you realize that you are brought into the thick of training your body to be fit too – much like a devout follower of the religion that your partner has sworn himself to – FITNESSSS!

And the relationship isn’t so much about knowing the insides of a bag of potato chips than about turning yourself inside-out in the insides of a gym!

They can talk nonstop about anything fitness-related but you enter an obscure zone that the fitness sun doesn’t illuminate, and you will draw a blank.

So while this is great coz you can get professional fitness counsel for free and also have a boyfriend popular with peeps coz he’s oh-so-great at the toning-pecs and slimming-thighs advice, you may tire of the same spiel over and over again.

Not only is he going to give you oatmeal and muesli for the rest of your life whilst you bid adieu to the happy honey/maple syrup-topped pancake breakfasts, he will throw out the munchies, make you down protein shakes, and other equally yucky healthy concoction,s and perhaps, give you some egg whites, brown bread sandwiches, salads, soup and crackers for meals!

But if you want to see the silver lining – you will get into shape! You might suffer from a serious complex and that can either be GOOD or really BAD Now if getting yourself to wake up to a snooze-free alarm and abstaining from eating anything that tastes remotely edible weren’t enough, you might also be (for quite a while) roaming about with Mr. curvy bod – and THAT when you have tyres oozing out of you. And while they will be grabbing eyeballs everywhere you go, you’d either be crazed into eating yourself into more flab or making a resolution to get fit n fab! Your conversations will mostly be about fitness and nutrition Fitness folks aren’t really going to talk to you about Dickensian conceits or the Raphaelite paintings.

It’s also a hotbed of interesting people to meet, including many attractive, athletic guys with powerfully muscular or slim and trim bodies that are guaranteed to get you drooling.