Dating an emotinal person

after all, anxiety is a natural and a normal human emotion.

I know we became used to being ’scared ‘ of anxiety, thinking we MUST not feel it ever, but in reality, we will feel it on many occasions and take it as a normal part of life where we know it will not stick around forever.

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Anxiety symptoms really are surface symptoms, you have not lost who you are, that person is just waiting to resurface again. Now that I went back to see what’s new here, I realized and got reminded how many people are still suffering with anxiety, the SAME way I used to. I almost became house ridden, but thank God I went to go see a doctor specializing in anxiety and CBT treatment. I was scared to do everything I used to do at once, so I started “progressive exposure”.Anyway here is the story that was passed on to me, hope it helps and inspired people. I remember when my life was hell and anxiety cosumed me every moment of my day. After I saw him, I wasn’t cured, I just felt a little bit more comfortable and he boosted up my confidence that I could beat it. I would go out where I would feel somewhat comfortable at first, then once I got more confidence I started throwing more things into my daily activities.He’s self absorbed, narcissistically inclined, and focused on the short-term fringe benefits of being with you.He gets the sexual, the social, and the emotional benefits, with little or no concern for the impact on you in the short, medium, and long term.I always found that when I did not go for the quick escape or run away from it and rode it out, then it always calmed.

You cannot produce adrenalin indefinately anyway, that is a medicl fact, so it will always calm.To take the sting out of it you have to learn to be fine with the way you feel. Also another part that is very important is having the faith in yourself. We may think about going somewhere or doing a certain task and the hovering anxiety tells us to take the safe route and hide away, don’t go.Then we get frustrated that we can’t do ordinary tings and start questioning everything.I knew this was the way to get my life back, to stop giving in to my anxiety, to take away it’s power and see what it really had, I wanted to stop closing doors and start opening them and this meant going against my instincts and start living again.I can’t recall how many times people have come to me and said ‘I used to do this, but I can’t anymore’ when asked why they can’t, they cannot answer.I would also feel the need to scoot off and find the miracle sentance or cure that would make it go away instantly.