Dating an assclown

You may call it “picky”, I call it saving time for both parties, money on a date that isn’t going anywhere and make up wasted on yet another man who is busy checking out the chick behind me.

A gift and a curse of mine is that I can easily read people.

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I have seen this many times -- a guy messes around for however long, slays a lot of poon (or likes to think he does) and then one day he's like, "I think I'll settle down now."And so, when he meets a great girl like yourself, he's suddenly doing all of the right things, the things he thinks he's supposed to do to be a good boyfriend. He's obviously got some "shit going on" like every softboy.

But then, after a while, he realizes maybe this isn't the right fit for him. He doesn't want to cut if off because he probably likes having you around, paying attention to him and doting on him, but he doesn't want to commit to anything.

Maybe it is after my extensive years of dating all of the wrong men, but I can easily tell if someone is genuine, has an alternative motive or is just a plain wack-a-doodle.

So when I do actually find someone that strikes my interest, it is extremely exciting, yet absolutely terrifying.

When he would travel for work, he stopped texting me.

He would no longer make plans or make time for us to go get dinner. Then he was on another work trip and I did not hear from him the entire trip until I texted him on Sunday.All week I tried making plans for us and he always had something going on.We were supposed to spend time together over the weekend and that did not happen. He's proud of his feelings and high emotional quotient.Tantrums, yelling, strange grudges, underhandedness, control-freakery, bullying and the like are, at best, childish and tedious.Unfortunately, you cannot put your boss in a timeout. But beware if your boss is also a bully, or underhanded in some way, because he or she could be quite dangerous and you need to consider carefully why you are working where you are and, if you wish to stay, how you will deal with any potential landmines now and in the future. Unsavory management behaviors that do not fully rise to the level of breaking company policy or Federal law, require special care and handling.Monday morning, I get a text from him saying he wants to "lay low for a while.”Now that we are on this "break," he has texted and called me more than he did when we were actually dating. For years I've been trying to define this particular type of guy. It wasn't until I found this article on Medium that I finally had a category for this guy: A softboy. According to Urban Dictionary a softboy is: Similar to a fuckboy but without the cocky attitude.