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“We very quickly realized that she had a strong vocation.She gave what the children in the nursery classes most appreciate, which is love.” A genetic condition, Down syndrome typically affects a person's physical and intellectual growth.

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A lot of people see him as different but if anyone is different, it's me,' Sammy said.

Sammy said the pair are proud to raise awareness about Parker's condition.

If you're not excited about life as Parker is in this video, you need to evaluate yourself!

We're just two boys loving life, boosting positivity, and enjoying the ride.

Opening up about his relationship with his young client, he said: 'Parker has changed me, I haven't changed Parker.'We've been worldwide and it's been awesome sharing Parker's story and our friendship, it's brought a lot of awareness.' The duo work out together, shoot hoots and they even bicker like brothers.

In a heartwarming clip, Sammy and Parker are car-dancing while listening to Usher's hit Yeah! Describing the moment in a post to Instagram, he wrote: 'The relationship Parker and I have is unlike any other.'We feed off each other's energy.“The way the children accept her, incorporating her naturally into the school - there is a lesson in life there for us all.” Garella first joined the Cordoba public education system as an assistant for reading classes in 2012. Their parents love me and the other teachers and principals I have had are wonderful,” she says. She dreams of having children of her own and lately has been feeling flutters because she has “met someone.” She has been jointly in charge, with another teacher, of a class in the Jermonito preschool since January. A friendship between a personal trainer and his client who has Down's Syndrome has captured the hearts of hundreds across the world.Garella's case set a precedent after the school confronted a taboo: could a person with a cognitive syndrome be in charge of a class?Her two- and three-year-old pupils crowd around her affectionately in her classroom in the Jermonito nursery.This means labs can sequence the DNA thousands of individuals with conditions to find common genetics.