Dating a pastor

Carolyn Mc Culley is the founder of Citygate Films and the director/producer of the Desiring God short film, The Story of Ian and Larissa.

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The woman fell to the ground immediately his hands came upon her.

Reacting to the entire episode, readers on PUNCH’s online platform, rained hard knocks on the prophet. There is God o.” Another commentor identified only as Nigeriamovingforward, said, “Religious enslavement has taken over Nigeria.

Anybody that comes your way just chop (sic) and go. “They plaster your face not to find husband until you grow old.” ***The clergyman thereafter asked ladies interested in marrying the eight men, who had come out for the first woman to line up behind them. I give you people from now till month end to screen your wives.

While one or two ladies queued up behind some of the men, a particular one among them had 11 women lining up behind him. Nobody should go and meet them at night; if you go I’ll catch you.

When I was a single woman in my mid-thirties, I invited the elders of my church and their wives to a formal holiday dinner as a way of expressing my thanks to them for their care and ministry. ” This pastor offered this comment as an expression of thanks and I received it that way.

As I served the standing rib roast on a table set with china and crystal, one man remarked, “Wow. But I did ponder it afterward, realizing that for many people the link between youthful inexperience and singleness is inextricably linked.How can these guys continue to take advantage of the weak and poor souls and get away with it?I am not judging but this is an abuse of power and immoral to say the least.Not to worry, he will soon divorce his wife and be her husband, it’s permitted in new generation churches.” All rights reserved.This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.He said, “The reason why you are just moving around without finding a man is because they put a mask to cover your face.