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He was schooled in Confucianism in his early years, but he viewed Confucianism as being too fatalistic and emphasizing too much on elaborate celebrations and funerals which he felt were detrimental to the livelihood and productivity of common people.

He managed to attract a large following during his lifetime which rivaled that of Confucius.

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Mencius wrote in Jinxin (Chinese: ) that Mozi believed in love for all mankind.As long as something benefits mankind, Mozi will pursue it even if it means hurting his head or his feet.It is known, however, that his parents were not affectionate towards him and showed him very little love.Mozi was a native of the State of Lu (today's Tengzhou, Shandong Province), although for a time he served as a minister in the State of Song.("Against Fate, Part 3") This was the "three-prong method" Mozi recommended for testing the truth or falsehood of statements.

His students later expanded on this to form the School of Names.His followers—mostly technicians and craftspeople—were organized in a disciplined order that studied both Mozi's philosophical and technical writings.According to some accounts of the popular understanding of Mozi at the time, he had been hailed by many as the greatest hero to come from Henan.He taught that defense of a city does not depend only on fortification, weaponry and food supply; it is also important to keep talented people close by and to put trust in them.Mozi's moral teachings emphasized self-reflection and authenticity rather than obedience to ritual.Born in what is now Tengzhou, Shandong Province, he founded the school of Mohism that argued strongly against Confucianism and Taoism.