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Tracing the claims back to Patient Zero, the benefits and human resources groups were able to tell who wasn't toeing the line of disclosure.

Goldman isn’t particularly unusual in having a disclosure policy; it’s just unusual because people seem to follow it.

Last year, a managing director kissed an associate in view of others at the firm, according to a person familiar with the situation.

In 1999, Hill, then based in Tokyo, received a performance review in which her somewhat old-fashioned boss called her “aggressive”—a word, it turned out, that subtracted points and compensation dollars for a woman, while the same word would boost a male banker’s value.Hill and others complained, and in 2000, Hill and others complained to Goldman and succeeded in equalizing the reviews.The process isn’t necessarily always fair, depending as it does on the discretion of the individual boss.And there are plenty of unwanted passes anyway, some of which don’t go particularly harshly punished, particularly if the initiator is a powerful partner.By all anecdotal accounts from current and former employees, Goldman has a lot of married couples and encourages them.

Jacki Zehner and her now-husband Greg were both traders when they started dating and became engaged; Zehner waited until after bonus season to tell her bosses that they would be married.

There is no shortage of diversity efforts for women, but the often unspoken problem is that where diversity efforts run into the shoals is this one thorny area: sex.

Goldman, like other firms, has codified policies on how the sexes should handle conflicts: in the cases of both dating and sexual harassment, incidents and entanglements have to be reported to the boss.

Several former and current female employees at the firm think it will be harder there, however, because of a sex-discrimination suit filed last week by three former Goldman women who alleged that they were hauled to strip clubs, groped in hallways and otherwise subject to inappropriate behavior that, later, impeded their promotions and progress through the firm.

The firm’s dating protocols….require employees to disclose their relationships to their direct manager, who can contact what one alum wryly calls “ the inappropriate-behavior SWAT team.”Every banker on Wall Street believes he works in a meritocracy, but no one can explain why that meritocracy would be composed overwhelmingly of men of the same race and sexual persuasion. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the ranks of women in finance have thinned by 2.6% while the number of men boomed by 9.6%.

It was consensual, that is, to all but her boyfriend and his wife, who eventually compared notes and created a ruckus.