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I can and put it aside for now to prepare for my GRE test, graduate program applications and job searches!You can check out my source code on my Git Hub repository. I recommend Surge for its amazing and free single command line deployment.If I do have time, I will write an article about the functions that come with Meteor.If there is something I failed to explain, or if you see potential synergies between you and me, like create-react-app and Surge, I would definitely appreciate if you can share your opinions in the comment section.And at no cost at a sub-domain like my react-chatapp.with free and built-in SSL/HTTPS.

This is the first time I have written an article that is even close to being a tutorial. I don’t believe copying all the codes and explaining them line by line is a good way to elaborate.

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I was building a React Chat Room Component for my side-project.

I don’t think I will be able to launch soon due to a lot of things I would love to chat about. So I will try to explain how I built this React Chat Room Component in 100 lines of Java Script.

Feel free to reach me at [email protected] connect me on Linkedin.