Crazy dating advice

And then I'm bad because I chicken out and get scared and overwhelmed and run away." 2. "I usually date my friends, like people that I'm close to already. It's not good to date your friends, I don't think." 3.

' I'm like, 'OK, bye.' But guys want answers because their egos are more sensitive, I think.

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Like, too busy to go on a date, too busy to see you? You use the excuse like, oh he's so busy, he finally has time, sure I'll meet up with you, sure I'll go grab dinner with you.

I really want to shed some light on this because it's happened before, it's gonna happen again, it's gonna continue happening. When that probably happens once every two weeks maybe. So, once you start realizing that none of those outside factors matter in a relationship, then you'll realize that love wins in the end.

When you know it's not going to work, it's ok to get out of there.

"Too close to your mom, narcissist, picky eater, someone who doesn't like to go down on me [are deal breakers for me]." 7.

It's gonna take a special girl to get the Peter Pan guy to convert to the relationship guy.

It's going to take the mature woman, the girl who's got her shit together, the confident woman, who's going to really be able to break him down and get him to commit to a full-on relationship because, honestly, that's what he's waiting for.You see him, you know he tells you he's too busy, and you see him out at live events. Look, there's always going to be someone prettier than you.I mean, honestly, there's always going be someone with a better body that looks like she should freakin' lead in the Victoria's Secret show. When you start letting what you can't control on the outside affect the inside, that's when you run a higher risk of the guy leaving.These are the types of women that will just roll over and do anything he wants and date him whenever he is available.It's the kind of woman that caters to his every need.And if you know you have given your absolute all to a relationship, and the guy still leaves, at least you can sleep better at night knowing that you gave it your all if he chooses somebody else. OK, here's my next on my list of dating tips for women.