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—Born Indecisive Dear BI, Congrats on your newfound-but-probably-oldfound-actually access to ladies. Spring has sprung, and bunnies are going at it like bunnies. Finding ladies to date while poly is similar in many ways to finding dates while monogamous.In my experience, the easiest way to meet other game ladies who are also open to open relationships is by meeting/hanging out with other people who are in open relationships.

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Even Cosmopolitan got in on the trend (and poked fun at its reputation for bad sex tips) by making a satirical list of threesome positions.But how to go about having that threesome of your fantasies?My boyfriend and I have toyed with the idea of hiring a male escort for a threesome before.Our reasoning comes from having participated in threesomes in professional capacities (we're both porn performers) as well as privately.You can do this IRL (try a poly Meetup group or a munch) or by going online.

A word about going to meetups with the express purpose of finding dates: Don’t be zealous about it.And when you want something done right, why not hire a pro?Curious about the experiences of the OTHER side of the equation, I spoke to some male escorts from (where we were browsing for our third) to find out why couples come to them, and how to have a good time.The idea of having a third who knows what they're doing and isn't invested in a capital R Relationship is a plus for us.I mean, you don't know about the working quality of a toaster you get on Craigslist, never mind a sex partner. Everything about her is so perfect (divine, if you will) getting with her is unfathomable.