Consolidating spousal rrsp dating onlin

I’m down to ,000, so I will be completely debt free in less than three years. And use the remaining .00 to reduce my 00.00 Visa credit card debt.Reply I would give .00 to the Union Rescue Mission. Reply My parents and I live in VA, but my sister and her family live in TX. Since my sister and I both teach and have a good chunk of time off at the holidays, I want to take my parents on a road trip to go visit them after Christmas.(The cost of airfare for the 3 of us is definitely out of reach!

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I would like to do more for them, just waiting to see how my end of year budget works out so I can see if there’s moolah to offer and how much.Reply Christmas is already paid for since I have a Christmas club account at my credit union that I make automatic deposits to every payday.Not much spending going on for the Fruggiero’s in December 2017.: ( Reply I’m a teacher of four wonderful children.The first thing I’d do was donate to may favorite charity, use another for gas so I can drive around and go Christmas shopping for my loved ones, use another for toiletries and such for family whom are coming to town for the holidays, use another to buy ingredients to bake cookies for all my small business owners who I go to for hair, nails, yoga, etc., and finally I’d use the final to go get some yummy snacks for myself and enjoy at home while I wrap Christmas presents while I listen to Christmas music. I don’t have a ton of gifts to buy, but a little wiggle room in the ol’ budget would definitely help. I would use the money to buy my niece and nephew Christmas presents.

What is even more exciting is that my husband and I are going to Europe for the first time this year for FREE!This year I’m making brunch for my parents and I would like to make sure that everyone else has food on the table.(Small condo or else I would feed a lot more people.) My 0 is going to be donated to the local food bank.Reply 0 this holiday season would go towards purchasing an outdoor Christmas decoration, we are looking for a “pre-used” lit Manger for our front yard.My kids are almost as excited to celebrate Jesus’ birthday as to see Santa!That’s what I would do with the 0.00 blessing from you two. I have been reading for less than a year so definitely a new reader. I’m not expecting to win but for fun, I would buy lotto tickets to amuse myself.