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All you need to do is download and install it on your computer, and then save your lost files in a safe place without affecting the original data.I used this tool to effectively recover lost data i Phone.edition of Mini Tool Mobile Recovery allows you to recover a little data, please choose paid edition to recover more data. Although jailbreaking i Phone or i Pad will give you the ability to add non-Apple free applications and functions onto the device, it may cause your i Phone stuck into Apple logo.

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Yesterday, when I upgrade my jailbroken i Phone 5s to i OS 9 directly without i Tunes, not update by firmware upgrade, what's make me crash is that my i Phone stuck on Apple White Screen death during upgrading to i OS 9, I have wait it a long time, but it does not have any progress.

Now I want to get i Phone out of Recovery Mode and fix Apple White Screen of death after failure upgrading to i OS 9, someone here can help me? " Here, before solving the white Apple screen of death issue, we had better know why the i Phone got stuck on the Apple logo, which can help us to perfectly solve it and prevent it from happening again.

" Mini Tool Mobile Recovery for i OS (Mac) / Mini Tool Mobile Recovery for i OS (Windows) is just what you are looking for.

With this tool, you can quickly and effectively recover files after i Phone stuck on Apple logo.

Here, you can read this post 1: To prevent the i Cloud file from being updated or modified, please don't connect the device to your computer during the recovery.

2: Due to limitations of i Cloud, Mini Tool Mobile Recovery cannot get i OS 9 i Cloud backup.People who tried to jailbreak their i Phone or upgrade their i Phone face this problem quite commonly.And, when i Phone is stuck in Apple logo, it equivalents to a toy, you can do nothing with it, you can't call anybody else, you can't text others, you can't take a picture with it, and it totally becomes a junk.You could get more information from previous post : if lost important data are included in your previous i Tunes backup or i Cloud backup, please give priority to "Recover from i Tunes Backup File" or "Recover from i Cloud Backup File". And this module can show the backup files to you in a very intuitive way. Furthermore, the whole process will be completed in three steps. Select all needed files and click "Recover" to start the restoration job.Click "Browse" to select a safe place to keep the files. After all operations are done, you have finished recovering lost data from i Tunes backup.Today, we are going to introduce the solution for i Phone stuck on Apple logo since we have received lots of feedback email about white screen of death.