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Young men, go out and fight them.” Red Feather slept late that morning and awoke to the words: “Go get the horses – buffaloes are stampeding!” Indians began dashing into the camp with the ponies.

One, known as Magpie, shouted, “Get away as fast as you can, don’t wait for anything, the white men are charging!

” Red Feather could see soldiers firing into Sitting Bull’s camp.

Some Hunkpapas and Oglalas, caught up in the early panic, ran away.

Runs the Enemy heard that soldiers were coming, but did not believe it.

Low Dog said the sun was about at noon, and he was still asleep in his lodge.

He awoke to the shouts of soldiers, but thought it was a false alarm.

A soldier named Wolf drew a map depicting the camp conforming to the course of the river with its northernmost limits across from Medicine Tail.

Fears Nothing’s map showed the entire camp between Medicine Tail in the north, to Shoulder Blade Creek in the south.

Antelope Woman (Kate Bighead) was bathing in the river with many others.

Scores of naked men, women and children were in the river and not expecting a battle.

Custer and the 7th Cavalry, among them being that Custer had long yellow hair and that he and his regiment carried sabers into the battle.