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“I think society has come a long way in regards to addiction, but that we still have a ways to go,” Nauleau said. The numbers are growing, and it’s affecting everyone from kids, to grandparents, and third world countries, to the most affluent parts of the country.

The app is free, but is only currently available for i Phone users and can be downloaded at In the meantime, Android users may be added to a waiting list by visiting

“I’m currently devoting my life to building this company and in doing so I hope to be able to offer as many services to people in sobriety as I can,” Nauleau said.

As anyone in recovery likely knows, it can be hard to keep the same friends we had while using, but it can also be hard to meet new ones.

So why not embrace social media as a platform for forming relationships?

“It caused a repeated cycle of therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness camp, 12-step meetings and treatment, all accompanied by short stints of clean time.”Most recently, after getting clean, Nauleau spent time reflecting on his experiences, which was when the idea of Sober began to take shape.

He drew on knowledge about his own addiction and attempts at recovery while planning and developing the application.

“I'm glad someone has taken advantage of the mobile app scene and put a sober twist on it.

It feels good to be able to chat with other sober people in other settings besides meetings.”Sober was launched in San Francisco, but there are plans to expand to numerous cities later this year.

Here’s Renew’s guide to sober dating: Looking for love in all the right places “If you’re on a traditional dating site, ‘Hey how about we meet for drinks?

’ is first thing you’ll hear,” said Paul Kole, cofounder of

There are now Facebook groups for certain area meetings, apps that assist users in finding meetings, online meetings, Twitter accounts for rehabilitation centers, and so on.