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Then I would do like a test and go with them on a shorter trip to give it a try. I think most people really want to meet a life partner and not just a hookup with a backpacker because people kind of get bored of the routine that after a few days this person is just gone. And if it is a partner it is even better than you know just traveling with a friend.

So I think a lot of people in the beginning they just want to have a fling and some fun but the longer one is a Digital Nomad and they travel the more they seek someone sustainable and a partner they can travel with. Having a partner to cuddle with sitting in coach is better than flying business class alone.

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The chances that someone is going to leave is within the next month or two.Yeah people either fly in and they get 30 days or they come for a 3 months visa but either way almost nobody stays longer than 3 months.So unless you make a very solid connection and you want to travel together or meet up somewhere else – people always coming and going. In a sense it is more adventurous dealing with less responsibilities and therefore you have more time for each other.Aline: It is interesting to me that you mention in Chiang Mai are 50 / 50 nomadic men and women. That is true, so I’d say in general the ‘actual Digital Nomad’ working from a Co Working space is mostly men probably about 80% but I think at the meetups a lot of english-teacher and yoga people also come because their community is lacking men. It is almost like a normal relationship but more fast forward because you spend much more hours together within a week that you would normally spend in a month in a ‘normal lifestyle’.Download the sixth edition Life & Times the new up to date and in tune newspaper for AKARYN Hotel Group.

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The backdrop of the route is Doi Suthep where the renowned “Phra That Doi Suthep” is situated, the sacred place of worship of the Chiang Mai city.

The race will surely be an unforgettable end to the marathon series.

Therefore he is the perfect going to person when it comes to community questions related to Chiang Mai.

Aline: Thanks for your time and joining this interview Johnny! In Chiang Mai you have a chance to meet someone really amazing because there are so many people and it is also almost 50 / 50 men and women.

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